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Bend (fine art print)

Bend (fine art print)

By Cassandra Ronning.  

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a four piece work of art.  When you order you will get four pieces that fit together to make one image.  Look at the first picture closely to see how they come together.   If you order an 8X8, then each piece will be 8X8.  10X10, each piece will be 10X10.  If you order framed, you will also get four frames.  You can order without frame and frame it yourself in one frame. 

My current work is an evolution of all my past styles. I work to combine realism and abstraction in new and brilliant ways. I developed an abstract fractured style in the past and have been working to create realism. In my future work I would like to fully combine these two techniques and create an abstract realism. Beauty to me is anything that can elicit passionate emotion. This emotion will not necessarily always be happiness, as with beauty it is all in the eye of the beholder. I hope that my work incites something powerful within others. When people see my work I would hope they stop, smile and see something beautiful.

Also available with a nice wood black frame.  

Epson Fine Art Papers have a velvety feel to it lending more texture and presence to your fine art images. The velvety texture allows the ink to bond with it in a different manner than with other types of paper, highlighting the finer points of the image.